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Training and exploring Bali, Indonesia with world class trainers, Sepa Academy.

I got to spend a month in Sanur, Bali training and surfing with the Sepa Academy and Rip Curl School of Surf. The Sepa trainers are also parents to world champ SUP athletes Bruno and Daniel Hasulyo. Luckily Bruno was training at the same time for an upcoming race so he was there each day with us and made for some hard competition to catch, adding to the level of training we received. The combination of the serious and uplifting Sepa trainers, Bruno's speed and dedication, the fantastic Starboard selection of boards at the Rip Curl School + beautiful Bali made for an top of the line SUP race training package. I will forever want to return to this special place. Thank you to Sepa & RipCurl for a unforgettable time!

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