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SUP & SUPsurf in Malibu, California

Malibu has a California iconic skyline of sandy beaches and beautiful homes and cliffs.

It has dynamic water with lots of sealife to spot and sunny rays to warm your soul.

Hanging in Malibu you may spot Laird Hamilton or various celebrities around town. Both of my local surf instructor friends in Malibu are living the dream life of a California SUPsurfer. They know where to take you to get you into some classic fun waves and at the perfect times. I have been luckily enough to have gotten to SUPsurf Point Dume, County Line, and the classic Malibu pier and done some SUP journeys up and down the coastline. I've seen seals and paddled over schools of rays and small sharks. Malibu is so surfer classic, i love it and the people that live there. It has a smell and look of success while always maintaining a chill surfer vibe at the same time.

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